Zip Line Tour

Zip Lining! The exciting new eco-adventure at Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

The Otway Fly Zip Line Tour is a unique eco-wilderness adventure that takes place in the magnificent Otways rainforest.

The first of its kind in Victoria, the Zip Line tour involves traversing from one platform to another connected by tree platforms called ‘cloud stations’, and attached to a steel cable suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor.

This exciting adventure lasts 3.5 hours (including the Treetop Walk) and will have you flying on a series of cable spans from cloud station to cloud station and enjoying some features on this Zip Line Tour that are not available on any other Zip Line Tour in the world. The Zip Line Tour is classified as a “medium” adrenalin activity.

Visitors will see the trees and forest ecology in a new light and learn about our growing and vibrant forests and when you come back to ground, you’ can continue on to enjoy the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, or you can do the Treetop Walk prior to the Zip Line Tour.

The Zip Line Tour is guided by trained and experienced guides. Our guides will provide you with an insight into our forest’s history and its features and provide you with an experience you won’t forget!

Please ensure you read the













  • It is imperative that you arrive 20min before your tour is scheduled to leave. If you arrive late you are NOT entitled to a refund.  Depending on availability you MAY be re-booked on a later tour that day.


  • We are not responsible for travel times, please do your homework before leaving.  




  • If you book into an afternoon tour a 1pm or 2pm tour – we suggest you arrive 1.5 hours earlier so that you can do the tree top walk first, as you may not get back in time to do the treetop walk due to closing hours. 




  • Tours leave sharp on the hour that they are scheduled.














The Zip Line Tour Experience

The Zip Line Tour is classified as a “medium” adrenalin activity.

When you arrive at the Visitor’s Centre you’ll be met by our tour guides. Your guides will then take you and your group for a full briefing on the Zip Line Tour including the fitting of your safety equipment including: helmet, harness and pulley attachments to the cable. You will receive briefing on tour safety standards. Once this is complete we’ll take you to the Zip Line Simulator where we will get to check harness fit for comfort and you get to have a go on the simulator prior to commencing the walk to the start of the Zip Line Tour. Zip Line Tours will be of no more than 12 participants per tour including our two guides.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures is an eco tourism attraction and every possible precaution has been taken throughout planning and construction of the Zip Line Tour to ensure no damage has or will occur to the forest surrounding the Zip Line Tour and that there will be no impact to the forest on an ongoing basis. The structure of the tour is secured to the host trees by a unique Australian method that ensures no damage to the tree.

We’ll take you through the forest on a bright, sunny day, overcast or rain filled days. Zip Line Tours leave the Visitor Centre at hourly intervals. The duration of the adventure is approximately 3.5 hours (including the Otway Fly Treetop Walk).

When you arrive back at the Visitor Centre you can choose to fuel that empty stomach with a meal from our licensed café, tell others about your experience, buy a souvenir and purchase a photo of your own Zip Line adventure.

The Zip Line Tour is for all healthy individuals.  

Age Restriction:

Minimum age is 4 years old and children must be a minimum height of 105cm. Children must be toilet trained. Proof of age, such as a passport or birth certificate may be requested for all children when checking in for the tour.  There must be one parent, or adult guardian, accompanying children under 13 years old, for at least the safety briefing and harness fitting session prior to tour. Any child under 115cm will require a tandem tour with a parent.  If you require clarification, please call us prior to making a booking.

Weight restriction:

Maximum weight is 120kgs (this applies to individual’s weight as well as  for combined  tandem weight).  

For those in your group who don’t think the Zip Line Tour is their cup of tea, they may wish to enjoy a coffee in the café and if you time it right – get them to meet you for the Treetop Walk at the end of your Zip Line Tour.

  • Zip Line Tour is an all-weather tour
  • The Otway Fly Zip Line Tour operates 7 days a week, 364 days of the year!

The Zip Line Tour is an exhilarating adventure no matter what the weather. Don’t spend your day cooped up in your motel room on a rainy day – get out and amongst it! A bit of rain has never hurt anyone!

As long as you are prepared with the right clothing and outer wear, a Zip Line through the rainforest in the rain might just be the best thing you’ve ever experienced.

If you’ve arrived in the region unprepared, we can offer a great discount to Zip Line participants to purchase spray jackets.

The only occasion that the Zip Line Tour will close is under extreme weather conditions. (see Ts & Cs page).


Bookings are essential! Please call 1800 300 477 to book your Zip Line Tour or book online!

Zip Line Tour – General Admission

Categories Price Notes
Adult $115.00  
Child $85.00 (4 – 15years)
Groups & Educations – refer to Zip Line Page    
Family 2 adults & 2 Children $375.00  

Zipline Tour – Groups

Includes Zip Line Tour and Treetop Walk

Groups min 10 People (Social & Corporate) $105.00 ea
Child (6-15) $75.00 ea
Child (4- 6years) must be 105cm tall $70.00 ea

Zip Line Premium Tour

Would you like to just do the Zip Line with a group of friends, then why not book an exclusive Zip Line Tour.

  • Maximum of 4 people. $575.00
  • Includes zipline tour and treetop walk (TTW unguided)

Zipline Tour Education with an unguided Treetop Walk

Includes Zipline Tour and Treetop Walk (TTW unguided)

Available to groups of 15 or more

Adult/Tertiary $86.25
Secondary/Primary $62.00
1 x Adult FOC per 12 students  

Zipline Tour Education – Treetop Walk Guided

Includes zipline tour and treetop walk – TTW Guided.

Available to groups of 15 or more

Adult/Tertiary $95.00
Secondary/Primary $70.00
Education groups less than 12 – revert to Social Group Pricing.  
No FOC Adult unless there are 12 paying guests.  

There are no concessions on the Zip Line Tour. Discount programs offered for the Otway Fly Treetop Walk are applicable for entry to the Treetop Walk only.


Discounts are applicable to school bookings during term, Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays.

Please refer to the Rainforest Learning Section for details on education bookings

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